Put a little "sin" in your life with The Holy City Sinner!

We've been living in Charleston for 5 years now.  We have assimilated into at least 5 different social circles, from foodies, to musicians, to beer snobs. You'd think that we have seen all there is to see and done all there is to do in this city.

You'd be wrong.

Charleston is such an incredibly diverse place and with the unprecedented growth the area is experiencing, it is constantly evolving.  New restaurants pop up every day.  There's a new brewery on every corner.  Even places that you thought you had your finger on merge and create something new (I'm looking at you Holy City Brewery and Evo Pizza).  The music scene is really coming alive with bands like The High Divers, Finnegan Bell, Stop Light Observations, and one of our new favorites, Rare Creatures.  Charleston is beginning to look a lot like Nashville.  

So how do we stay on top of it all?  How do we know what's what and who's who in this town? We look no further than the Holy City Sinner.


Christian Senger and his blog, Holy City Sinner, has been keeping Charleston up to date with what's happening since 2011.  His Twitter feed has been voted the best feed for five years straight in the annual Charleston City Paper's "Best of Charleston" competition. Holy City Sinner is our one-stop-shop for news and entertainment updates in the Holy City. If it's happening, Christian knows about it.  I'm fairly certain that he knows about most things before they happen. And he's not afraid to tweet about it either.  Try and keep up with his voluminous feed, I dare you. 

On top of being all-seeing, all-knowing, he's a great guy and we're proud to call him our friend.  Now if we could just find the time to do and see everything he's tweeting about...

July 31, 2018 by Lisa Blankenship
45 Southern Phrases - You May or May Not Understand or Have Heard!

45 Southern Phrases - You May or May Not Understand or Have Heard!

Y'all listen up - here is what people from the south really mean when you hear some of these phrases.  And guess what...

You might hold a soft spot in your heart for the South if you have ever been invited to "supper".

1. Access road : Service road; the road that allows you entrance to the highway.

2. (A) mind to: To consider doing something.

3. Aren’t you precious? Most always said sarcastically in response to someone being offensive (i.e., if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all).

4. Being ugly: This has nothing do with physical appearance — instead it means misbehaving.

5. Barking up the wrong tree: Being mistaken or misguided.

6. Be able to see to Christmas: Something Grandma would say when she thinks your skirt is too short — you can see clear to the top of the Christmas tree!

7. Bless your heart: A seemingly empathetic phrase usually uttered when the speaker believes the recipient to be sweet but misguided or stupid or when they believe the recipient needs to grow up and deal with it; when said sarcastically, dumbass.

8. Britches: Pants or underpants.

9. Cattywampus: Sideways or crooked.

10. Catty-corner:  Diagonal to something, like catty-corner buildings on a street.

11. Citified: Urban, sophisticated and not country in any way.

12. Clicker: Remote control.

13. Coke: We may mean Coca-Cola, but they may mean any other carbonated beverage. If you order a Coke in a restaurant, do not be alarmed if they ask you what kind.

14. Commode: Toilet.

15. Doesn't have a pot to piss in:  Really, really broke.

16. Dressing: No, not the stuff you put on salads. This is the stuffing that goes in or alongside a turkey.

17. Eyeballs are floating: Need to use the bathroom very badly (could also be back teeth).

18. Fixin' to: About to do.

19. Fly off the handle: Totally lose it.

20. Get the short end of the stick: Get cheated, or get an unfair deal.

21. Give me some sugar: Give me a kiss.

22. Good ol' boy: A male who tends to enjoy challenging situations; tends to be rambunctious and often enjoys hunting, mudding and fishing.

23. Hissy: Shorthand for a hissy fit — a grown-up tantrum as bad as a toddler would throw.

34. Hold your horses: Be patient.

25. Holler: To let someone know something. Example: Holler at me when you’ve put the kids to bed, and we can grab a drink.

26. Idjit: Idiot.

27. If the creek don’t rise: If nothing bad happens, then everything will go as planned.

28. Muddin': A pastime involving driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle in the mud with the goal of nearly losing control.

29. Nervous as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs: Nervous to the point of being jumpy; constantly on the lookout.

30. Off like a herd of turtles: Not off to a great or speedy start.

31. Tennis shoes: Athletic shoes of any kind, not just the kind you use to play tennis

32. Pitcher: Not a pitcher on a baseball team, but a plastic container to hold tea or lemonade.

33. Playing possum: Playing dead (as a possum does to escape danger); also used when someone is feigning sleep.

34. Reckon: To suppose or believe something is true.

35. Rode hard and put away wet: Unbelievably exhausted, like a sweaty horse that just got put back in the barn.

36. Run with the big dogs: Taking a risk or making a big decision that could have serious consequences.

37. Snake in the grass: A conniving person who could strike at any time without warning.

38. Squeeze a quarter so tight the eagle screams: Describes a person who's very, very cheap.

39. Supper: Dinner.

40. Sweeper: Vacuum.

41. Tore up: Broken

42. (To) carry on: To continue on foolishly, usually referring to a tantrum or fit.

43. (Too) big for your britches: To take yourself too seriously.

44. Upside: The long way of saying “up,” like smacking somebody upside the head.

45. Stompin’ grounds: Your hometown or where you’re from.

So there you have it.  While I've heard all of these phrases my entire life, I can't say I've used ALL of them.  Just  a good percentage!

March 03, 2017 by Lisa Blankenship
Charleston's Best Kept Secret

Charleston's Best Kept Secret

Returning to the Charleston City Market the weekend of March 17th -18th is the Night Market.  Charleston's best kept secret.  We are the largest hand made market in the southeast.

Each weekend from March-December (6:30pm-10:30pm) approximately 100 local artisans sell their goods at the Charleston City Market.  We make up the Night Market. Each vendor is carefully selected and goes through an application and vetting process. My husband said it was easier getting into Clemson University than the Night Market. 

At the Night Market you will find various forms of artisans, music and food.  This year 26 new vendors have been invited to participate after the application and jurying process to be a part of the this wonderful market.  

It's not just a market, it's an experience!  We hope you will make plans to come down to the market when you visit Charleston this year!  We would love to see you!


March 01, 2017 by Lisa Blankenship
Be A Flamingo In Flock Of Pigeons

Be A Flamingo In Flock Of Pigeons

What happens when you stand apart from the crowd and do your own thing, be unique and different from the rest?

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter?  You could be embarking on something bigger than you anticipated.  Think outside of this scenario. You could have an idea that turns into something WAY bigger…  maybe a business idea, an invention, something blossoming over just one small move that set you apart. You could be inspiring others to do great things.  That’s always an awesome thing to see others being influenced by your doing.
January 19, 2017 by Lisa Blankenship

Here, There, and Everywhere

Good morning and Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, y'all.  I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and food as our was.  As I sit here in a food hangover, I thought I'd let you know where we're going to be in the near future.  

Our next show will be the Junior League of Columbia's Holiday Market.  This show will run from November 30th to December 4th.  It's at the Cantey and Goodman buildings at the State Fairgrounds in Columbia, South Carolina.  This is a big one and we'll be pulling out all the stops for this show.

Next, we'll be at the Town of Mount Pleasant's Holiday Market on December 10th.  This show is always fun.  In addition to vendors like us, there will be food trucks and live entertainment.  It's located at Moultrie Middle School at 645 Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

There are already a couple of shows on the books in the spring time and one really big one that isn't quite confirmed yet but we'll be sure to tell you about.  The spring shows will have us out on the road from North Carolina to Tennessee.

As always, you can come see us down at the City Market in Charleston.  We're there most days.  We'd love to see you so come on out.  

November 25, 2016 by Lisa Blankenship

New Website, New Us!

Wow.  Where to begin?  So since our last blog post on the old website, we've been through a few changes.  First, we moved.  It was just across town but whether it's 100 feet or 100 miles, a move is a move and all your stuff has to go with you.  The sad thing is that this is just a temporary move.  One more and we'll be in our house.  Anyone want to help? No?  We don't blame you.

What's next?  Oh yeah...we moved our website domain name to a different provider.  We don't want to bore anyone with the details but we decided to move our domain name to Shopify rather than Squarespace.  We felt that Shopify gives a better platform for online shopping.  We also are consolidating all our online sales to this website.  Bye bye, Etsy.

And new products!  We now offer hand-stamped silver flatware! Due to the move, we had to temporarily close our wood shop.  All of our tools are in storage waiting on the new house and the new shop.  We were going to be adding these to accompany our kitchenware line of wood products but without the wood shop, we decided to go ahead and launch them.  Boy, are we glad we did!  These pieces are unique, fun, fanciful, and make great gifts.  Go to our Products page and check them out!

Change is inevitable and we've been just rolling with the punches lately.  We're happy you found us at our new website.  Stick around for what's next!


June 11, 2016 by Lisa Blankenship