We've been living in Charleston for 5 years now.  We have assimilated into at least 5 different social circles, from foodies, to musicians, to beer snobs. You'd think that we have seen all there is to see and done all there is to do in this city.

You'd be wrong.

Charleston is such an incredibly diverse place and with the unprecedented growth the area is experiencing, it is constantly evolving.  New restaurants pop up every day.  There's a new brewery on every corner.  Even places that you thought you had your finger on merge and create something new (I'm looking at you Holy City Brewery and Evo Pizza).  The music scene is really coming alive with bands like The High Divers, Finnegan Bell, Stop Light Observations, and one of our new favorites, Rare Creatures.  Charleston is beginning to look a lot like Nashville.  

So how do we stay on top of it all?  How do we know what's what and who's who in this town? We look no further than the Holy City Sinner.


Christian Senger and his blog, Holy City Sinner, has been keeping Charleston up to date with what's happening since 2011.  His Twitter feed has been voted the best feed for five years straight in the annual Charleston City Paper's "Best of Charleston" competition. Holy City Sinner is our one-stop-shop for news and entertainment updates in the Holy City. If it's happening, Christian knows about it.  I'm fairly certain that he knows about most things before they happen. And he's not afraid to tweet about it either.  Try and keep up with his voluminous feed, I dare you. 

On top of being all-seeing, all-knowing, he's a great guy and we're proud to call him our friend.  Now if we could just find the time to do and see everything he's tweeting about...

July 31, 2018 by Lisa Blankenship