Be Bold or Italic Never Regular


Be Bold or Italic Never Regular Tea Towel. 

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to brighten up our day. It’s amazing how a few simple words paired together can create a powerful message to inspire, evoke empowerment, and passion.

28 x 29 

  • lint free
  • 100% cotton
  • single weave
  • absorb like paper towels
  • dry faster than blended retail kitchen towels
  • scratch and smear-free
  • pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • resistant to unraveling

Endlessly versatile Flour Sack Towels are a favorite in the cleaning and restaurant industries, thanks to their generous size and absorbency. The super absorbent, super soft material provides completely streak, scratch and lint free cleaning. Polish glassware, TV screens, windows, chrome and anything else within reach.