Garden Markers


What better way to identify your herbs than with these rustic reclaimed garden markers?  Our garden markers are made from the spoons that just aren't up to the quality standards of our coffee spoons.  We don't want to send them to the landfills, so we re-purpose them into something useful!

Each marker is hand stamped with an herb name.  We've listed the most popular, but you're not limited to those choices.  If you grow something different let us know, we'll stamp that for you too!  And you know what, the more you purchase, we'll cut you a deal!  The markers are $8.00, each, but purchase 3 and you can get them for $20. Use coupon code HERB3for20 at checkout. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  If you'd like to see some personal behind the scenes stuff, head over to Instagram and follow us there @thisoldthingdesigns.  Otherwise, we will hopefully see you at the Charleston City Market on your next trip.

This Old Thing Designs is a husband and wife small business.  We create a wide range of unique and delightful gifts and housewares.

We are located in Charleston, South Carolina.